Trending Phishing Pages.

Trending Phishing Pages.

Dashain time. Was just chilling in bed scrolling facebook and chatting with some of my homies trolling each other. One friend told I should never go on date to Dakshinkali because that place haunts couples. I don’t know why I decided to share this lmao but don’t try that there’s some pretty horror stories behind my statement. Hahaha, jokes on you single bitches, I want to make you suffer. Aaah nvm, truth tho.

Please 18+ materials ahead.

So, getting in the topic. I wanted to talk about phishing incidents happening recently. I won’t say y’all 21 yo’ fuckbois go to phishing page to see sabita bhabi having fun with her debar and complain your account got hacked?

Fuck off.

The real shit here is these phishing pages got so horny titles that not even a guy with ejaculation disease or girl phobia shits won’t think twice to whether click or not. And recently, these phishing stuffs got so better I just got one from friend saying Oh, Mahesh !!! :O :O . Damn, they got really one step further with this move.

Imagine your father I mean, someone else’s father scrolling their facebook bored and they see Oh, Ramkumar :O :O See what these horny couples did when they were alone with a creepy af thumbnail.

C’mon if I become a father I’ll surely click ( if I wasn’t techie enough ) also when your gf doesn't gets on mood everytime so nyaaaaah. TOP TIER SECRET REVEALED !

This boring ass friend who never texted me for a decade texted me a phishing page and I laughed at first seeing how legit the video thumbnail looks lmao. Then I decided hmm lets see what this shit really does.

Okay, homie. I’ll login but in one deal I’ll make a new account. Quickly fired up a new account and logged in in the phishing page.

Wait first let me talk about the source code of the phishing page.

This is the page, looks pretty legit, aehi ?

Okay feed me your source code baby girl.

So these were two js responsible for redirecting to single moms in my area page after I login on this.

I mean I have done phishing to a lot of people but honestly if the thumbnail is seductive and after login I get redirected to horny mom in my area who don’t wanna be in relation but just have sex. I will think oh okay that's pretty legit. No idea about you.

Then, it was time for real test of what do these shits do.

Okay, after putting my pants in shape.

I made a new account and added my original account in it. Then I texted some shits between two accounts as I have no friends :( . Then I found out this thing. I opened the phishing page logged into my account. Then after 38 minutes this device popped up.

Then I got a mail.

All the Linux sessions are my device but who the heck uses windows ? Not me. Never me. So, I thought once wait do they really do this stuff manually I was expecting some API stuffs. Or maybe they use fbchat module but whatever this is how your account gets hacked tryna be extra horny or extra curious on the internet and putting your credentials everywhere.

Also my account email got changed :( and I’m pretty sure they do this stuff manually. Hope my email don’t get spammed :(

Don’t put your d*k and credentials on the internet without seeing the domain

I mean, the message I want to convey from this article is phishing is increasing rapidly and at last I want to show you how to identify these pathetic bitches staying whole days writing facebook pages clones and trying to grab some accounts either for business or adware or whatever.

See the URL, facebook never does like this grabbing password from a third party site and loggin in into facebook. If you’re that dumb, just notice this if your URL doesn't end with don’t put your credentials there.

They even sent a text to myself about my text hahaha. That was funny but if it’s your real account it’s pretty sad if you get some adult videos links in your inbox.